We keep our process very precise and simple. We follow these steps in every project to attain the best quality work every time. Our process also maintains professionalism in this business and helps our clients to understand our work.

Consultation - Initial On-site Meeting

At our very first meeting, we will discuss the scope of your project, goals and budget. We try to find out your taste and preferences for your project interiors; how each space is used and your vision for space. We will also share a wide range of expertise and ideas for that space to narrow down the final need. We will also obtain the most up-to-date set of layouts for your space from you to further work on it. All decision-makers need to be at this meeting and you can expect it to the last one to three hours.

Some important point we will cover in this meeting:

  • The scope of your project in detail, including all areas involved in the project and your goal for each space.
  • Your likes, dislikes, taste and need for the project.
  • Discuss your budget and capping related to that space.

Site Measurement & Space Planning

After the initial meeting and scope finalization, we will take the detailed measurements of the site and photographs of all the areas involved in the project. We will also discuss all the space planning ideas according to your area depending upon your needs and preferences. This discussion will help us in writing down all the best fit space planning ideas for use in the designing process.

Initial Amount as Token Money

Every business or company needs a push to start a new project, and what else can fulfill that need better than money. So, we take a certain amount according to the size of the project as advance before commencing our design process. This makes a trustworthy bond between us and creates a sense of professionalism for the project.

Design Concepts & Presentation

After collecting all the ideas, we begin developing a design theme which communicates your brand. We use appropriate colour schemes for different areas to enhance the design and sourcing furniture, fixture and materials. Samples and conceptual images are also used for inspiration. Material for flooring, walls, counters and cabinetry are selected. Custom furniture may be designed where needed. A lighting concept is also developed as per the design. Your needs, budget, and brand are all considered in every product and design element we present to you. Design is a crucial part of interior designing and we always put our best foot forward to give you the choicest designs for your space. Once our design concept is ready to present, we will schedule a meeting. We will present all the 3D views which we prepared for your space with detail explanations. 2D layouts will also be shared if needed. By the end of this meeting, we should have finalized a complete design concept that meets your approval.

Contract Signing

After taking approvals on all the design we sign the contract. This contract contains detailed costing of your project, instalments if any, payment schedule and terms of engagement.

Scheduling & Procurement

Scheduling is a very critical aspect for timely execution of the project. A time table is developed according to the size of the project. It also depends upon the purchases and workmanship Used in your project. This schedule will be adjusted along the way to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. The initial stage of execution also contains the procurement of raw materials. Majority of the material will be purchased in the initial stage.

Design Implementation, Management & Installation

This is the stage where the vision transforms into reality. All the work? will begin according to the plan and designs. Our main focus in this part is to maintain a balance between design concepts and quality workmanship. Our project management team maintains a progress report of your project which helps us track and execute changes in time. After the implementation, we install each and every product at their respective place according to the space plan that was finalized. Now the furnishings and merchandise are placed according to the theme and artwork is also hung to enhance the overall look of the space. We will also purchase some additional decorations or artefact if needed to give your space that special charm.

Final Inspection & Scrutiny

Once all the installation is complete, we will scrutinize the whole space and do a final inspection. At this stage, basically, we will I see the finishing of all the work done including the little things that are left outstanding or need attention such as paint touch-ups or any sort of cleaning. We will address all the left out things as quickly as possible and makes the space ready to handover

Site Handover

Once space is visually ready with all the installation done according to the plan and concept, we will be proud to handover the site to you so that you can feel the vibes of your new space and cherish that moment forever!